419's June premiere at the Seattle International Film was a great time! Both screenings had good crowds, and most everyone stayed on after the film for the Q & A.  The vibe was very much one of a collective release of breath after the film ended: several audience members praised the gripping story and strong performances, that apparently had them rivited. Director/Actor Ned, Actors Cara and Scott, Associate Producer/Actor Jessica, and Producer Steve were all on hand to make 419's first public showing a memorable experience.

Several positive reivews:

Review -

Review - The Film Talk with Jett Loe

Review - Ron Ham

Check back for updates, including future festival screenings, local New York screenings, and other events!


419 will enjoy its east coast premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, at 9:30pm both evenings. We're incredibly excited to be part of this awesome festival, in the company of tons of terrific films and filmmakers. 

Follow the link below for more information and to purchase tickets!

419 - Woodstock Film Festival

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